Helen W. Graves, Age 92


Photographed at Graves Chapel Missionary Baptist Church- Yanceyville, NC

PHSC Participant Since January, 2011

Ms. Graves was born in Caswell County, NC and was one of 9 siblings. Her parents were farmers and according to Ms. Graves, “provided a good life for her and her siblings”. Ms. Graves married and had 4 children- 3 are still living-and she remains close to her children, although very much values her independence. In addition to raising her children, she farmed, worked in a hosiery mill, has been a foster parent to several children and has also done volunteer work because she “has always enjoyed helping people”. She also values the time she spends with her many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Ms. Graves lives independently in the Green Level community and continues to attend Graves Chapel Missionary Baptist Church where she has been a member since 1941. Ms. Graves has been a very active member and a long-time leader in her church, having directed the choir from 1952 until 2-3 years ago. She also started a Senior Citizens group at the church in 1979” even before she was a “senior”.

Ms. Graves stated that “Piedmont Health Senior Care/PACE is a wonderful place. It allows me to continue to do things I used to do at my church and elsewhere in the community. It is an honor to be able to be a leader at the PACE Center and to be part of the PACE family”. It is just a wonderful place,” she added, “we are so fortunate to have them in this community”.

Martha Sue Singletary, Age 95


PHSC Participant Since May, 2011

Ms. Singletary was born in Person County, North Carolina but was raised in Caswell County, North Carolina where she and 8 brothers and 4 sisters worked on a farm. She went on to marry at age 18 and had 4 children- 2 sons and 2 daughters. In addition to raising her children, she worked as a housekeeper and her husband, who died on her 75th birthday, was a minister. Her sons are deceased, but her daughters provide care and support for her as she continues tp reside independently in the community. She is also involved in the lives of her many grandchildren and great-grandchildren, stating that “I am blessed with a big family”.

She also enjoys her time at PHSC where she remains very active with activities and as a member of the PHSC choir. She stated that she “enjoys being with you all at PHSC”, that “friends and peoples care at PHSC”.

“I never thought I would live to be 95” she said. “ My health and strength is in the Lord, the Bible my daily bread.”

“I know that I am about finished now, goin’ down the hill,” she added. “But I am in no hurry as I know there is a place for me. I just thank Him for letting me live another day. Each day is sweeter than the one before and I will do the best I can as long as I can”.


Martha Hopkins, Age 72


PHSC Participant Since December, 2008

Ms. Hopkins was born and raised in Alamance County and was one of 6 children. She takes great pride in being able to reside independently in the community, stating that she “is just where she wants to be- at home with my dog Pretty Girl”. She is grateful for having had a lot of friends over the years and feels fortunate that she still has friends to help her- including clergy and congregants from her church and members of local fire departments. “Being at home is everything to me”, she said. “I can cook a meal when I want to, can see my neighbors and be part of the community. Piedmont Health SeniorCare makes this possible.”

One of the first participants to enroll in the PHSC program when the program opened in 2008, Ms. Hopkins has seen the program grow and evolve over time, stating that “Piedmont Health SeniorCare is the best thing that has ever happened to Alamance County. They have done so much to help people and I am just glad that I can go there and also help others”.

The Garrets


James Garrett, Age 79 and wife Loretta Garrett, Age 77
PHSC Participants Since February, 2013

Mr. Garrett was born and raised in Liberty, North Carolina where he started picking cotton when he was 5-6 years old. He married his first wife when he was 20 years old and they had two children. He eventually lost his wife to cancer. He reported that he enjoyed his work at the Liberty Chair Company, Virginia Mills and White Furniture as he liked working with wood and other materials. He continues to enjoy doing “anything outdoors”.

Ms. Garrett was also born and raised in the area and she worked as a police department dispatcher. She raised three children of her own and has also served as a foster parent.

The Garretts “had known each other for years” before getting married in 2000. They remain very active in their church and value their companionship. “This is my buddy”, stated Ms. Garrett as they posed for the photograph.

They both reported that they enjoy their time at PHSC Center, where they are very social and participate in- and even lead- activities for other participants.