Martha Hopkins, Age 72


PHSC Participant Since December, 2008

Ms. Hopkins was born and raised in Alamance County and was one of 6 children. She takes great pride in being able to reside independently in the community, stating that she “is just where she wants to be- at home with my dog Pretty Girl”. She is grateful for having had a lot of friends over the years and feels fortunate that she still has friends to help her- including clergy and congregants from her church and members of local fire departments. “Being at home is everything to me”, she said. “I can cook a meal when I want to, can see my neighbors and be part of the community. Piedmont Health SeniorCare makes this possible.”

One of the first participants to enroll in the PHSC program when the program opened in 2008, Ms. Hopkins has seen the program grow and evolve over time, stating that “Piedmont Health SeniorCare is the best thing that has ever happened to Alamance County. They have done so much to help people and I am just glad that I can go there and also help others”.