The Garrets


James Garrett, Age 79 and wife Loretta Garrett, Age 77
PHSC Participants Since February, 2013

Mr. Garrett was born and raised in Liberty, North Carolina where he started picking cotton when he was 5-6 years old. He married his first wife when he was 20 years old and they had two children. He eventually lost his wife to cancer. He reported that he enjoyed his work at the Liberty Chair Company, Virginia Mills and White Furniture as he liked working with wood and other materials. He continues to enjoy doing “anything outdoors”.

Ms. Garrett was also born and raised in the area and she worked as a police department dispatcher. She raised three children of her own and has also served as a foster parent.

The Garretts “had known each other for years” before getting married in 2000. They remain very active in their church and value their companionship. “This is my buddy”, stated Ms. Garrett as they posed for the photograph.

They both reported that they enjoy their time at PHSC Center, where they are very social and participate in- and even lead- activities for other participants.