PACE programs like Piedmont Health SeniorCare thrive with successful partnerships between participants, caregivers and provided services. Participants of Piedmont Health SeniorCare receive an individualized plan of care managed by their personal interdisciplinary team of health care professionals. Staff is on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays.

Piedmont Health SeniorCare services include

      • Primary and specialty medical care.
      • Preventative services and education.
      • Nursing care.
      • Prescription medications, including home delivery.
      • Nutritional counseling.
      • Dental.
      • Optometry
      • Home health and personal care.
      • Caregiver respite.
      • Hospital and long-term care.
      • Ongoing supportive case management services.
      • Medical equipment, including wheelchairs & walkers.
Please Note:

The majority of our services are directly provided by our interdisciplinary team at the day health center. Services which we cannot provide directly at the day health center are delivered in the home or community. We contract with existing community providers to deliver services such as specialty and hospitalization (among others). All contracted services are authorized and coordinated by Piedmont Health SeniorCare.