Pittsboro social work group, left to right are Maureen Kelly, LCSW, Fatima Beck, resource coordinator, and Karin Wannamaker, LCSW.


Burlington social work group, clockwise from top left: Lily Jimenez, resource coordinator, Kathleen Little, MSW, April Wade, MSW and Shannon Walters, MSW.

This month, Piedmont Health SeniorCare spotlights its team of social workers to mark National Professional Social Work Month. PACE social workers provide ongoing assistance to improve the lives of seniors and their families. They help people manage their daily lives, cope with issues and navigate relationships. They also help address socio-economic challenges such as poverty and access to resources.

Shannon Walters, one of a team of three social workers and a resource coordinator at the Burlington site, says building relationships is what she most enjoys. “I love the opportunity to listen and truly hear. I love the stories, the experiences, the joy of finding out what feeds a person and what makes them tick.” Walters says the emotional investment, even when it can mean heartache, is a fulfilling part of her job. “I love that I have a small part in helping people to feel valued, seen, loved and cared for.” The Pittsboro team includes two social workers and a coordinator.

“PACE partners with caregivers at both sites to ensure the health, safety and well-being of our participants,” says Executive Director Marianne Ratcliffe. “Our social workers are the critical link to meeting our participants’ mental, emotional, social and spiritual needs.”