Look for Health Outcomes Survey in early April

checklistBy the end of this month, PACE participants should receive a pre-notification mailing about the annual Health Outcomes Survey. The first questionnaire mailings will be sent out to PACE participants the week of April 6.

The Health Outcomes Survey-Modified (HOS-M) is a survey that measures the health status of individuals participating in programs such as PACE. The Center for Medicaid & Medicare Services has implemented a Medicare payment approach for organizations like PACE. The payment method takes the frailty of the enrollees into account. The health status information collected via the survey will support this payment approach, so it’s important that the surveys are completed.

A family member or caregiver may assist the PACE beneficiary at anytime, if they wish. A PACE employee may also assist with the survey if asked by the participant or a family member or caregiver, but staff are not required to assist participants with the survey.

Please know there will be a DataStat 1-800 number printed on the survey to call for specific questions.