Frank Talarico


PHSC Participant Since February 2012
Mr. Talarico was born and raised in Scranton, Pennsylvania. He has one son with whom he
currently resides in Graham, North Carolina. He has spent a lot of his life working odd jobs and traveling around the world, often recalling his travels to Europe and China where he walked along the Great Wall of China.
He is a talented poet and sculptor, a sculpture he created of baseball legend Ted Williams still on display at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts.
When reminiscing about his life, Mr. Talarico stated that he “has loved everything in his life”. He went on to say that “life is like a sandwich in many ways. You are born and then you die and everything in between is for the feasting.” He also noted that “if you live long enough, life becomes like a stew- a mixture of the joy, the pain, the successes, the hardships, the happiness… all of them are worth remembering and shape who you are. When the stew becomes cloudy and you can no longer remember all of the ingredients, it is easy to get lost and this is not really a good place to be”.